Insider threat detection and response

Cybersecurity is not only about outside threats, but also threats from the inside. We will help to establish and detect threats coming from inside your organization, regardless of whether they are known or unknown. This is done through the combination of rule-based policies and machine learning and can be executed regardless of an employee’s network status or location. Our platform will provide a complete paper trail of the incident, even if the evidence is destroyed during the attack. A full narrative can be built surrounding the attack, giving you a complete picture of the incident.

What´s included?

Threat overview

Get a broad view of the most suspicious behaviour, recent sensors and policy violations

Power search

Quickly access historical context during investigations. Zoom in from months to minutes of data within seconds

Cyber passport

Always know who your user is, where they´ve been and what they´ve been doing

Displays all user events, including print events, browser events, integration events, connections, file events, DNS lookups, USB events, and logins.

Activity feed

Connections view

Virtually walk across your network and see processes of every user.

Real-time actions

Take actions instantly with multi-factor authentication (MFA), display a message, take screenshot, isolate a machine or lock device

Forensic analysis

Simplify threat hunting and forensic analysis and collaborate on investigations  to make more informed decisions

Policy packs

Control threat detection and automate threat response from day 1. Use out of box policies or creat your own.

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