Protect your endpoints

CYBR Endpoint Security Service presents the market leading endpoint protection for businesses facing the threats of today. We use our Global Intelligence Network to understand the advanced threats to accordingly identify, isolate and remove threats that antivirus won’t intercept. CYBR utilizes machine learning, behaviour monitoring, detection and exploit prevention to enable robust endpoint usage. CYBR Endpoint Security will stop any threats attempting to breach your endpoints. 

Scope of coverage

Memory exploit mitigation

Blocks zero-day exploits of vulnerabilities in popular software

Advanced machine learning

Pre-execution detection of new and evolving threats

Reputation analysis

Determines safety of files and websites using the wisdom of the community

Blocks malware before it spreads to your machine and controls traffic

Network Firewall and Intrusion Prevention


Virtual machine detects malware hidden using custom packers

Application and Device Control

Control file, registry, device access and behaviour: whitelisting, blacklisting, etc.


Scans and eradicates malware that arrives on a system

Behavior Monitoring

Monitors and blocks files that exhibit suspicious behaviours

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