Cybersecurity training

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Ransomware 1

Phone security

Data laws





Identity theft

Social media phishing

Public Wi-Fi

Social engineering

Spear phishing

Remote work


CEO fraud



Best in class training platform.


Cybersecurity training that is designed to be fun and interactive.


Frequent module updates on current security threats, keeping you up to date


Nano training is a research-proven method showing that short bursts improve information absorbance.

Work towards your company's certification.

Not only are your employees improving their knowledge and protecting themselves and the business against cyber threats, but they’ll get a certificate to demonstrate their knowledge.

Having certified and trained employees improve your trustworthiness, as well as drastically reducing the chance of you falling victim to a cyberattack.

Track progress and improve results.

Through our results dashboard, you can monitor how each of your employees and departments are performing. This helps to outline potential risk to your business’s IT health.

Simplistic management.

Flexible management of the training means that not only can you track your employees’ progress, but also schedule the training modules for when you see fit. 

Our objective is to increase the strength of your companies defenses, whilst making the learning fun and easy to manage.

Why is awareness training important?

over 84%

of cyber-attacks originate through human error


was the average cost of a data breach in 2019

over 76%

of business’s reported a phishing attack in 2019

Good news. We’ve got you covered.

Be compliant

Governing laws dictate that companies should be compliant in regards to training their employees. At CYBR, we make the compliance process not only effortless but enjoyable.

Empower your workforce

Employees are aware that cyber-attacks are on the rise. Allow them to improve productivity in their workday by not having to second guess their actions, whilst reducing the risk of a breach.

Build trust and reputation

Often the main damage from a cyberattack does not come from the breach itself, but from the huge reputation loss and lack of trust that comes with it. Ensuring your risks are minimised will put your customers and partners at ease!

Not your ordinary training.

A variety of subjects, modules, and real-life scenarios make our animated and interactive training enjoyable for everyone. 

Entertaining company challenges.

Gamification adds entertainment value whilst bringing a competitive element to your company. Nanostructure keeps users captivated throughout the training.

Next level phishing simulator

Test your employee’s skills with a phishing simulator. It generates a realistic and localized phishing attacks to test your front line.

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